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Life begins at 40 – Over 40s cricket league introduced

Life begins at 40 – Over 40s cricket league introduced

Cricket Namibia (CN) has introduced the Over 40s League, a platform initiated by the board to accommodate 40 years and older cricket lovers to keep playing the game.

The Over 40s League aims to develop veterans cricket, and identify players who can represent Namibia in the future Over 50s World Cups, Cricket Namibia said in a statement.

According to the governing body, Cricket Namibia participated in the Over 50 World Cup as an invitational side this year in Cape Town, of which CN saw the need to create a local platform, the Over 40s cricket competition.

“This will be a platform that will develop and prepare players for international cricket opportunities,” the statement said, adding that this will be a franchise format where players will be drafted into different teams, and sponsors will have an opportunity to own teams.

Meanwhile CN said the initiative will be an open draft format made available for interested individuals to be part of the league.

All interested 40 years and older cricket lovers may visit our website to register and be part of the Over 40s League

The Over 40 League will be a four-team competition whereby the first round will take place on 5 and 6 December, and the second round on 30 and 31 January 2021.

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