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Roads Authority announces temporarily closure

Roads Authority announces temporarily closure

The Roads Authority announced the temporarily closure of its offices, including NaTIS, Transport Regulations Office and Weighbridges until Thursday, 16 April 2020 following the Covid-19 outbreak.

In the meantime, in the event of vehicle licence expiry during the period, the Authority has granted vehicle owners a 21 days grace period after the expiry date to renew their vehicle licence with no additional fee added.

Hileni Fillemon, corporate communications manager at the Roads Authority said an extension will be granted to those whose grace period expires during the lockdown, subject to the Minister of Work and Transport ’s approval.

“However, please note that our offices will attend to applications for driving licence renewals of
those who are operating vehicles, which are used for the provision of critical/essential services
during the lockdown,” Fillemon explained.

In regards to those who have been booked for a learner or drivers test, Fillemon said they will be attended to when offices reopen.

Motor vehicle roadworthy tests will only be availed to clients with goods vehicles weighing above 3 500kg, which are being used to transport supplies for essential or critical services in and around
the country while the transport regulations office will only attend to applications for cross border and abnormal permits for goods vehicles carrying supplies for critical/essential services during the lockdown. These drivers are urged to contact Marjorie Cloete at [email protected] for assistance.


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