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Environment Chamber to host talks on climate change and resilience

Environment Chamber to host talks on climate change and resilience

The Namibia Scientific Society and the Namibian Chamber of Environment (NCE) will co-host two presentations on climate change and resilience, by Prof Rob Marchant and Prof Sheona Shackleton on 30 January at 17:00 at the Scientific Society.

Dr Chris Brown, Chief Executive of the Environment Chamber will introduce Prof Marchant, from York Institute for Tropical Ecosystems at the University of York and Prof Shackleton, Deputy Director at the African Climate and Development Initiative.

The talks will be centred on their works; ‘The Mountains and People of Africa: Creating Sustainable Future from the Past’ and ‘Transforming Rural Livelihood to Enhance Resilience Climate Change’.

The Scientific Society said both talks relate to climate change and will be focus on how the mountain regions of Africa support the majority of its population and have the highest rainfall, biodiversity and agricultural production.

Prof Marchant’s research and teaching interests focus on the theme of vegetation dynamics and ecosystem change. In particular, he uses palaeo-ecology, vegetation modelling, archaeological, biogeographical and ecological data to determine the role of past events in shaping the present day composition and distribution of tropical vegetation.

Prof Shackleton’s current research focusses on livelihood and landscape (social-ecological) change, with a particular interest in climate change as a driver and how it interacts with other shocks and stressors to influence adaptation, transformation and future livelihood trajectories.


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