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MTC launches a digital cloud computing service – opens first innovation centre

MTC launches a digital cloud computing service – opens first innovation centre

Local telco operator, MTC have opened the first ICT Innovation Centre in Windhoek to test, build and showcase new business and consumer ICT applications.

Based at Maerua Mall in Windhoek, MTC Innovation Centre will be a physical space for the digital and physical tools and bare fruits of innovation brought to you by MTC’s Enterprise division. The innovation will be focused on incubating Enterprise-based services on everything from comprehensive fibre internet and digital Cloud computing services to spearhead digital transformation in the smartphone and smart city (connected society) initiatives.

“What we are launching here is a Digital Cloud computing service with access over LTE and Fiber. In addition, the MTC Innovation Centre will be the platform to allow our partners and customers to test this service in a live environment,” said MTC’s Acting CEO Dr. Licky Erastus, adding that this is a right direction in exploring the huge potential of digitization for both private and business sectors.

As the space for innovation, the centre will include the latest technologies and tools for visitors to experiment or iterate on their ideas or see how else they might apply the technologies in their businesses. MTC as a leading ICT provider are taking another important step to showcase the huge potential of ICT applications for both the private and business sectors.

“Digitalization has sophisticated the market’s taste and preferences. Our customers now demand for smart and cost effective market solutions that attend to their ever evolving needs. Hence, this center is where innovative ICT solutions for our customers will be birthed. The center is planned to be home to new ideas, research and development,” Erastus said.

He added; “A successful Digital enabler requires a healthy and prosperous business environment. After all, MTC was established to innovate, provide new experiences and incubate digital services in order for our country to thrive.

Tim Ekandjo, MTC’s Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Officer said that in the ICT industry, one must be flexible to accommodate change and remain relevant.

“Technological revolution screams evolution to the industry players. We have to grease the wheel that invents and reinvent new ways of doing things. We have to adopt and stay on par with change, and as the world is diving in the era of Internet of Things (IoT), we have to embrace digitalization and identify how to siphon value out of and capitalize on the phenomenon to continue providing effective and innovative market solutions. The center is therefore strategic in arraying and positioning MTC’s fit for future. It rests well within our long term strategy.”

The tour in the center gave the guests an all-round ICT galaxy and virtual reality experience. The center will be open to enterprises and later to the public to experience, experiment, share, develop and turn ideas into reality.

Caption: Melvin Angula (MTC Chief Commercial Officer), Dr. Licky Erastus (MTC Acting Chief Executive Officer), and Tim Ekandjo (MTC Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Officer).


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