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Take action, dont just investigate

Dear sir,
The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) is dismayed and indeed very disturbed by the manner in which Prison Services is handling deputy commissioner Tuhafeni Hangula’s alleged criminal behaviour. Hangula allegedly falsified his Grade 12 qualification.
Upon the discovery that Hangula issued Prison Services with a fake senior certificate in 1995, many investigations were launched. It was discovered every time that the certificate which was presented is forged and indeed falsified.
Yet, deputy commissioner Hangula was still appointed in a position which minimum requirement is a Grade 12 certificate as per the Public Service requirements, while he does not qualify.  What is disturbing is the fact that Hangula was neither suspended, nor structurally dismissed on the grounds that he is involved in this serious criminal case.
RDP sees no reason why the deputy commissioner should be protected while in normal circumstances, a person involved in these types of crimes is suspended or dismissed altogether.  RDP wants to know whether or not the protection given to Hangula, is sanctioned by the Minister responsible for Prison Services and or the Cabinet and if so, on what grounds?
The nation is fully aware that corruption is eating away at our pride and as such it must be fought tooth and nail. Namibia is currently viewed as one of the most corrupt countries in the world, therefore there is no time to spare and or entertain corrupt individuals. There is sufficient empirical evidence available in order for Prison Services to take appropriate action against Hangula.
While the nation is pondering about the selective suspension and eventual structural dismissal of Lieutenant General Martin Shali, the well-connected few are surviving their corrupt actions. Where to are we heading as a nation? Deputy commissioner Hangula did not only falsify his Grade 12 Certificate but has also been admitted to the Polytechnic of Namibia with this false certificate.
The inaction of Prison Services against Hangula is a clear testimony that the Swapo Party-led government has never been able or willing to root out corruption in the Namibian society. It takes commitment and determination to fight corruption. The result of inaction against corruption is: (a) social decay; (b) lawlessness; (c) economic collapse, and (d) the destruction of the justice system.
Therefore, the RDP is calling upon President Pohamba to hold Prison Services accountable and without delay suspend Hangula. The application of justice must be seen as fair and what is good for the Goose must also be good for the Gander.
Jeremia Nambinga
RDP Secretary of Information and Publicity

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