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Mood Boards of unlimited possibility, – let creativity dive deep to explore the seemingly impossible

Mood Boards of unlimited possibility, – let creativity dive deep to explore the seemingly impossible

By Natasja Beyleveld, Managing Director of NaMedia.

When we check whether our project trajectory is still on path, we often have to revert to the drawing board. Travelling back to this new destination takes patience but every millimetre in the planning and every sentence in the communications affect what happens next. Are we gunning for mere space or are we gunning for the moon? Can we see it?

Have we lost our #creativity? To cr3@te from mind to platform. To be !nventive. To be res0urceful.

Has our project become the Cinderella in the basement dominated by the evil sisters’ Performance and Pocket? Have we created a dry, cracked surface for our brand identity, a mere reality of what’s happening on the service side of things? Given that to serve is a form of creativity, have we become creative in exploring what’s below the surface, and in the universe of this brand?

For example; one man used his intellect transformed to creativity (invention) to check for aquifers in the dry north-east of Kenya and in Namibia with radar and satellites. Furthering this, scientists released a map detailing the vast water reservoirs which lie under much of Africa – showing the lungs that provide a new and sustainable future if activated. New life was found. The water resource discovered in the arid Turkana of northern Kenya could supply the entire country for 70 years.

Technology and innovation discovered a new reality unlocking the true potential not only of a country, but of a continent – for years to come. If create[d], African crops could comfortably feed the entire world. “By 2050, Africa will feed the world” (Dr. Akinwumi A. Adesina). The reality is that Africa has roughly 60% of global uncultivated arable land, the truth is we have not created much with this.

What mindset are we teaching and maintaining via leadership and the choices we commit our own money and international investments to? Do we need to change our own rotten mindsets to ‘what’s wrong’ to best unlock what can still be created? Resilience – We need to retain our ‘bounciness’. Sometimes, you need to take off the suit to become more flexible and alert to opportunity. Sometimes, you have to ‘de-suit’ your brand to discover what’s beneath and what is beyond. True wisdom resides in creativity that unlocks potential and de-cages mindsets, or rather releases them from the 1.2-litre engine we believe we have to drive with, while the brand new 5-litre powertrain is just waiting to be started.

My dear friends, if we only live up to expectations, we will lose our inherent and childlike creativity. Do you remember the first picture that you drew of yourself? I recall my pre-primary rapport envelope which was supposed to have me (created) on it, but instead I used everything I could find on the table and constructed a robot. Thank God the teacher praised me and made an example of ‘out of the box’ thinking rather than scolding me or asking me to start over again. I recall the two imaginary friends that taught me about the ‘bad ones’ in the world, and that I had to be alert and fight them with light (like in a torch woman, and I even adventured with that torch to shine into a toilet – who knows which dark ones were down there). I recall the orals we had to do in school, where I transformed into the product that what I was marketing in classroom, I once literally lost 20kg’s in 3 seconds by ‘abrakawhamming’ four cushions from under my clothes behind the door. Are you smiling yet? I just caught myself with a childlike impression on my face. Luckily I have all my teeth now.

If we lose the magic in the mood board, in the strategy, in the creativity – we defy the very reason of our existence. We become the robot that fails to create humans and human experiences. We start covering up the imperfections rather than celebrating or maximising them. Find the aquifers with radar and satellite (not by sight, but by creativity), and find the stars the same way. The beauty of the aquifer is not a pool of fresh water but the network and the branches; the procurement from beneath to influence what rises at the top; the unpolluted truth of true capacity.

Maybe we’re seeing only this picture when instead, we must visualise and realise our true potential where people can drink clean water and live a healthy life. If we only fight to share the muddy water with the cattle, we will remain poor in our actions and our mindsets.

Always with Love,



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