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Sanlam heeds own research, brings life insurance and savings to where its clients live

Sanlam heeds own research, brings life insurance and savings to where its clients live

When Andreas Penda Ithindi, Ananias Niizimba and Tertius Stears shook hands on Monday morning, it was in celebration of bringing life insurance and savings closer to the people. The event was the launch of Sanlam’s new full-service Katutura office.

Representing the Ministry of Finance, ministerial technical advisor Ithindi said: “The opening of the Sanlam branch resonates well with the national development agenda for inclusive and sustainable growth, an agenda which places people at the centre of development and an agenda which recognizes that only inclusive business growth is sustainable growth.

Ithindi felicitated Sanlam, saying the new Katutura office is a business vision that fits the Financial Sector Strategy of broad-based financial inclusion and expanded access to financial products and services. “The expansion of investment by Sanlam is a noticeable progress point for a more private sector-led growth pathway, and it is taking place at the time when the domestic economy is still emerging from the prolonged recessionary pressures,” he said.

Niizimba, a Councillor of the City of Windhoek, said that for far too long, businesses were opening throughout the city with the people of Katutura often being excluded. He added that he is pleased that the long overdue Sanlam Katutura office has finally been opened. “[It] shows that the company shares a common desire with the City to develop the city and provide services to our people regardless of where they live,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sanlam’s Chief Executive, Tertius Stears said that the Katutura offices is a natural extension of what their research has shown them. “The opening of the Sanlam Katutura office makes sound business sense and it would be unwise if we fail to respond to the needs of our clients and the research we conducted,” he said.

The Katutura office, as a full-service office, will offer the same services as all other major Sanlam offices. The life insurer now operates 14 offices across Namibia.


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