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Annual ‘Christmas in July’ exhibition to open at Omba

Annual ‘Christmas in July’ exhibition to open at Omba

The I’khoba Textiles Farm Project will open their 8th annual ‘Christmas in July’ exhibition on 17 July until 31 August at 18:00 at Omba Gallery at the Namibia Craft Centre in Tal Street.

This year’s I’khoba theme is Tinga-tinga.

The organisers of the exhibition Mildred von Frankenberg-Lüttwitz and Heidi Lacheiner-Kuhn said along side their traditional handcrafted Christmas decorations, visitors will find ‘Tinga-tinga’ inspired paintings and embroidered interior decoration pieces.

“We have also incorporated some of the ‘shy wild’ series by Anne Lacheiner-Kuhn, who is a Namibian artist living in London, we want to surprise and capture the local as well as tourist market and offer the local market a fresh range from the previous years and new inspired topics to consider,” they added.

According to the ladies, this year’s exhibition visitors will find large scale Tinga-tinga acrylic paintings and finely embroidered Tinga-tinga scenes on cushion covers as well as baskets, fashion jewelry and deco-accessories on display from talented artists.

“Each year the artists group purposely pushes the boundaries to polish a crisp assortment of merchandises and to showcase their handicraft and skills from a distinctive viewpoint while keeping with their ambition of recycling ans sustainability,” they explained.

The two also said that this year’s Tinga-tinga theme was inspired by a trip to Zanzibar where the art scene is dominated by painting and art of well known artist Edward Said Tingatinga, which are usually very colourful and have an African theme and the drawing can be described as naive almost carton like and the humor and irony are often unambiguous.


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