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Heineken unveils new look

Anton Goosen, national sales manager of NBL, Rudolf Visagie, regional sales manager of NBL at Oshakati Depot, and Julian Grootboom, manager of Metro’s Oshakati branch.Namibia Breweries recently unveiled new packaging for its Heineken brand at an exclusive event held at the company’s Oshakati depot. At the occasion, Namibian consumers were introduced to the fresh new stylish look of this global brand.
“The new Heineken packaging has been created to make the brand more consistent across the globe and elevate its iconic status. It further enhances the sensory experience associated with a premium  quality beer with great detail such as indentations and embossing on the bottle and various other  packaging elements,” said Jerry Elago, senior brand manager for Heineken at Namibia Breweries.  Elago further elaborated, “Our consumers notice small details, which is why Heineken has dedicated two years on this design update, making sure every single element is taken into consideration. Each packaging detail has been included so consumers will know a subtle but significant difference.”
The new bottle, with its taller, more slender shape, has a sleek look, and feels good to hold. These design details, together with its new shiny, silver rim cap and refined, updated label, make it stand out as a contemporary-looking beer bottle. The famous red star and rich “Heineken” green colouring – both iconic and well-loved parts of the brand – remain strong features in the bottle’s updated look.
The new look was launched in Namibia as part of a global alignment roll-over and will give detail-conscious Heineken consumers the world over, an enhanced drinking experience.
“Heineken is once again a leader in innovation and it ensures that we stay ahead and set the  trends in consumer experience in the world. Namibia is no exception to this, and we at NBL are  proud to deliver the world’s best to our local consumers,” concluded Elago.

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