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This Week In The Khuta – Artists grow up, please

It’s that time of the year again when we Namibians prove just how ungrateful we can be. Since the inception of the Namibia Music Awards (NAMAs), there has not been a year where we could vote for our favourite artists without one or two causing a stir and making all other artists look immature and childish.
The main event did not take place yet, and is scheduled to take place on 20 April at Ramatex. All this drama which include some artists and their friends using social networking sites to criticise the NAMAs and its organisers for not making it to the nomination list, to one of the country’s favourite upcoming groups being withdrawn from the Awards by their producer or manager/business partner. All this drama makes one look forward to the main event even more, so I got my outfit ready to go spend a night full of glamour with our local stars, secretly hoping someone pulls another Lady May stunt on us. Now that would be fun, wouldn’t it?
On a serious note, why can’t we have a year where NAMAS is drama-free? I do not know whether our artists as well as their fans, groupies and friends know that MTC and NBC together are doing our music industry a huge favour by hosting this event. The artists should stop complaining about stupid little things and start appreciating the efforts of these two companies to help put Namibian music on the world map.
I can not imagine the NAMAs without MTC and NBC, and I am sure that the artists themselves know that if either of the two main organisers of the NAMAs, should withdraw from this event, it will lose its value. These companies are going out of their way to make the artists feel appreciated, and they are not getting paid to do so but they still doing it because it is important to them that our local artists feel appreciated and that they produce good quality music for the Namibian nation.
The Namibian music industry has officially made its mark. MTC and NBC have done their part, now it is time for us as Namibians to support our artists, buy their albums, attend local shows and show our love to help keep this industry alive and help it grow to the level of the international music industry.
It is time for our artists to play their part and stop complaining about things that, at the end of the day,  will only make them look childish. We as Namibians should learn to follow the proper channels when we have complaints or grievances. Posting your complains on social networking sites does not help you much, it only reflects your insecurities.
Artists, you know the rules of the Awards. Educate your fans accordingly, so that they do not accuse the NAMAs when you are not on the nomination lists.
And I should say Well Done to the NAMA organisers for always handling the artists who cause unnecessary drama in the way they deserve and always being so professional about it.
We are so blind that we chose only to see that our favourite artists are not on this year’s nomination list.  Did you know that the organisers of the NAMAs is doing a whole lot more for the country through the Awards? The organisers have established the NAMA Academy to ensure that Rockstar 4000 (The company that is responsible for the production of the main event) transfer their skills to Namibians willing to partner and work with them as understudies.
And the organisers also recently held public MC auditions to give a chance to those talented public speakers who would like to MC at the main awards.
The NAMA organisers have the best interest of our music industry at their hearts, let us appreciate that. Salute to all the sponsors and the main organisers and everyone involved to make this event such a huge success every year.

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