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Biomass Technology Expo set for August

Biomass Technology Expo set for August

In a move to encourage the efficient harvesting and processing of the vast biomass resource and utilize it as an alternative energy source as well as generate income, a Biomass Technology Expo is set to take place on 9 August at Otjiwa Safari Lodge.

General Manager of the Namibia Biomass Industry Group, Colin Lindeque said the open Expo will focus on bush-based fodder production, modern charcoal production, efficient harvesting techniques, surveying and aftercare technologies, among others.

Lindeque said Namibia currently has an estimated 45 million hectares affected by bush encroachment, which has spread across the country at a rate of 3% per annum, which means on average, over 10 tonnes of dry biomass is available for harvest per hectare.

“Harvesting and processing of the biomass resource has the potential to sustain thousands of jobs. It will have the added benefit of supporting more productive agriculture and other industries,” he added.

The Namibia Biomass Industry Group last year organised the first ever demonstration day for the public and key role players in the biomass sector and attracted over 400 people from the biomass sector including harvesters, producers, farmers and entrepreneurs.

According to Lindeque the event is open to everyone, and is especially important to farmers who are struggling to make ends meet in these trying times.

To visit or exhibit at the Biomass Technology Expo, one can contact the Namibia Biomass Industry Group at [email protected] or see more at


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