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One more safety feature to keep online credit card transactions secure

One more safety feature to keep online credit card transactions secure

FNB Namibia informed its clients this week that it has introduced an additional safety measure, Online Secure, requiring customers to enter a One Time Pin (OTP) as confirmation that an online transaction is valid and verified by the cardholder.

The additional security gate is to ensure the integrity of online purchases made by credit card. “If, for example, you have purchased something online with your credit card, we wish to make 100% sure that it is you and you will be requested to enter the OTP before the transaction is approved,” said the bank’s Executive Officer: Consumer.

Once activated for Online Secure, the FNB card can not be used for online purchases at participating retailers without the OTP.

Saying that the additional safety measure is intended to prevent fraud, Murorua continued “as long as your OTP remains secure and your FNB card is activated for Online Secure, no one else can use your card to make online purchases at participating retailers.”

FNB clients that have already registered for the bank’s larger security platform, inContact, do not need to activate Online Secure as this is done automatically by the bank’s digital banking system.

Customers who are not registered for inContact, can activate Online Secure on their card by logging on to their FNB Online Banking profile, and follow the prompts. “Each time you receive a new, re-issued or replacement card FNB will automatically activate Online Secure on your FNB card,” said Murorua.

“If you are unsure as to your level of protection, please contact your personal banker and bank safe and secure, whenever, wherever,” she advised.


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