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Telecom to cut off unpaid accounts this Sunday

Telecom to cut off unpaid accounts this Sunday

Telecom Namibia announced the suspension of all overdue service accounts, including mobile phones, landlines and data services on 10 February.

Defaulters include government ministries, hospitals, institutions of education, state owned enterprises, embassies, construction companies, VIP’s, SMEs and individual residential users.

“As we have said in the past, the suspension of services as a result of non-payment remains an agonising decision for Telecom Namibia, however we take solace in the fact that we had spared no effort to collect outstanding debts amicably,” company spokesperson, Oiva Angula said.

“All efforts and communication has been done in an attempt to manage this process given the country’s macro-economic state. Telecom Namibia constantly advises customers to be punctual with their payments before the due date so as to avoid incurring the monthly administrative fees for any late payments and occurrence of reconnection fee when lines are disconnected,” he added.

According to Angula suspended accounts that have been neglected for a long time will result in Telecom Namibia taking the legal action route.


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