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Tourism board and Team Namibia join hands to promote domestic tourism

Tourism board and Team Namibia join hands to promote domestic tourism

Under a Memorandum of Understanding, signed earlier this month, the Namibia Tourism Board will have access to the considerable marketing network of Team Namibia, running joint campaigns and regularly pushing tourism board information to the Namibian and southern African regional market.

The memorandum was signed by Bärbel Kirchner (left), representing Team Namibia, and Digo //Naobeb, the Chief Executive of the tourism board.

Part of the working partner relationship will give the tourism board the right to use Team Namibia’s logo on both its national and international marketing messages. Reciprocally, the board will encourage tourism establishments to join Team Namibia as members.

Collaboration is intended to gain momentum fast with the first official event where the partnership will be visible, the International Tourism Exchange (ITB) in Berlin in March followed by the Indaba Expo in Durban in May.

There will also be collaboration to attend and participate at selected local trade fairs, exhibitions and events. In this regard, Team Namibia plans to arrange a business-to-business networking event for Namibian manufacturers, producers and service providers to present their offering to Namibian tourism businesses.

After the signing engagement, Kirchner commented “Domestic travel generally can have a positive impact on Namibia’s trade balance, especially if Namibians were to spend their discretionary income locally and not only import travel services by travelling to tourism destinations outside the borders of Namibia.”

Underscoring the importance of domestic tourists, //Naobeb stated “Developing our domestic tourism market will always be important for us. We want Namibians to experience our own tourism and explore the scenic and cultural highlights in the different regions within in our vast country. I believe that as Namibians we all are the best ambassadors of our country, through our collective reach to international markets, sharing our individual experiences, via the spectrum of digital platforms.”

“Building up a domestic tourism market, is particularly important to address the question of seasonality and to help our tourism businesses to increase occupancy during the less busy months of the year. We believe that an active collaboration with Team Namibia will help us to achieve this objective” he concluded.


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