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Rebranding: What do you expect people to think of you when they think of your name?

Rebranding: What do you expect people to think of you when they think of your name?

By Ilke Platt
Chairperson of Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa and Founder of Poiyah Media.

If you are looking for a rebrand in terms of your image, reputation, lifestyle or even habits but you’re finding it hard to start, it might be simpler than what you think. The best way to start is by doing it.

Overcome the perception that its hard to re-brand yourself, then jumpstart on a clean page with deliberate efforts to succeed at maintaining that image.

In a business sense, your look is the perception created around those you encounter on a daily basis. According to Kendra Cherry, initial perceptions are developed every day which may draw conclusions which may be biased or stereotyped. In the modern business environment including individuals, branding is becoming just as important on a personal level. This is especially true for those aspiring for new career opportunities.

Backed by science, in 1960, Maxwell Maltz showed that it took 21 days to form a new habit. Good habits only stick through consistency. This plays a pivotal role on mastering this art. It is equally important to keep in mind that a good habit can be destroyed very quickly and easily.

Ask yourself a few questions to constantly remind you of the new YOU “What do you expect people to think of you when they think of your name? Is there a certain image you want to be perceived? Would you like to be known for many things and as different brands? These are the questions you should ask yourself everyday if you intend on working on your personal brand. Once you grasp this concept, people around you will form a different perception about you.

Follow these simple tips to make it easier to jumpstart on your facelift in 2019:

Association is critical: There is no truer statement than “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.” Your association with certain events, hang out spots, groups of friends and how you show up immediately portray who you are. Next time, analyze your friends, your surroundings, your habits and the things you decide to associate yourself with.

Consistency: Consistency is key. It does not mislead public perception or allow confusion of your true identity.

Reputation: This is defined as an overall estimation of the character or quality of a person generally held by those who know him or her, according to Business Dictionary. In other words’ its more than what you portray but your behavior and how those that know you describe you as a person.

Truth: This is the most important tip that anyone can follow. Honesty is the best policy and it allows you to be who you are and not force a certain perception that you want to create. This makes it easier for you to be consistent and keep up with a good habit without forgetting about it.

In conclusion, being yourself and not allowing public perception to defeat your true self image is most valuable. As much as the new year awaits on change for the better, this process needs to reflect your inner satisfaction.

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