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Vigo quenches special learners

Vigo quenches special learners

The Breweries (NBL) this week brought joy again to the learners at three schools in Windhoek that specialise for the educational needs of learners with hearing, visual and mental disability. The brewer said this sponsorship confirms its commitment to support the National Institute for Special Education. The beneficiaries are the School for the Hearing Impaired, the School for the Visually Impaired and Moreson School for the Mentally Impaired.
Namibia Breweries Limited Brand Manager for Vigo, Ndapandula Hatuikulipi emphasized the good relationship built over the years with the institute since the brand committed itself to support the schools. She said: “We started this relationship in 2005 and have always enjoyed engaging with and being part of the growth of these amazing schools through various initiatives like the printing of new identity schoolboards, as well as supporting clean-up campaigns within the schools. These children are very special and so are the teachers and leaders who committed themselves to these establishments.”
Principal of Môreson School, Anita Kreft stressed that VIGO is making a huge difference saying “Without these donations, which we also use for fundraising alongside treating our guests and learners with some great tasting VIGO, there are many projects we would be unable to fund. Because of this generous donation and kind relationship, we are able to do plenty more and grow as an institute. We are very grateful, and appreciate it very much.”
The National Institute for Special Education has existed for the past twenty years currently comprising a total of 451 learners. There are 168 learners at the School for the Hearing Impaired; 160 learners at Môreson School, and 123 learners at the School for the Visually Impaired.

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