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EPaC takes over

Frankie Diergaardt, Manager of Electronic Channels

Frankie Diergaardt, Manager of Electronic Channels

Bank Windhoek has recently announced that the consolidation of their internet banking system is in full swing. The new single platform will merge the existing iBank platform with the Payments and Collections platform (EPaC). Bank Windhoek advised its internet banking clients to bear caution to the changes which will take effect next week Friday 22 February. The changes will result in the discontinuation of the ibank platform and an official switch to the integrated EpaC platform for all internet bankers. The single internet banking platform is meant to provide a secure network for Bank Windhoek internet clients.
Frankie Diergaardt, Manager of Electronic Channels explained that Bank Windhoek will  individually contact all the affected clients who use ibank in order to guide them through the process of migrating to the EPaC platform.  “However, we want to urge clients to pro-actively visit their nearest Bank Windhoek branch to obtain an EPaC username as well as an E-Secure Token.  This will help them to become acquainted with EPaC before the deadline when iBank will cease to exist” Diergaardt said. “Clients can rest assured that it will be business as usual until such time as the migration has been completed” Diergaardt concluded. Furthermore, clients are warned not to respond to any email or follow any link related to this matter as it may be a fraudulent email.

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