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City of Windhoek and stakeholders to observe Health and Hygiene Promotion Month

City of Windhoek and stakeholders to observe Health and Hygiene Promotion Month

The City of Windhoek together with other stakeholder, that include UNICEF, Namibia Red Cross Society will commemorate Health and Hygiene Promotion Month on 18 October at Green Spot Soccer Field, Goreangab Extension 3.

The capital city which is currently dealing with the outbreak of Hepatitis E especially in the informal settlements, said the event in the informal settlement will be used as an advocacy platform to persuade the community to do away with bad or negative hygiene behaviours and adopt good or positive hygiene behaviours like washing-hands with soap and water at crucial times.

According to the City fathers this year, in commemoration, they will run a competition in all informal markets in an effort to encourage marketers to practice good hygiene and to improve morale by appraising marketers for keeping their market clean at all times in the interest of health.

“The purpose of hygiene promotion month is to create awareness of the importance of hand-washing with soap and water in order to curb the spread of communicable disease through the use of media, to foster a culture of proper and adequate hand-washing within the community and school communities, to promote the benefits and practice of hand-washing with soap as well as increasing access to and improving hygiene faculties amongst a few things,” they added.

The annual campaign mainly aims to caution and create awareness in the community on the importance of practicing and sustaining good personal and environmental hygiene practices in order to eliminate and reduce the spread of infections and diseases.

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