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The Crazy Store eyes further growth as retail chain turns 21

The Crazy Store eyes further growth as retail chain turns 21

The Crazy Store, South Africa’s discount variety chain, which has expanded into Namibia and Botswana turns 21 this month and the group expects to have 350 stores open by September.

Thirteen stores have opened in Namibia thus far and their success and growth continue to serve a reminder of the importance of customer care and convenience alongside an affordable product line.

Kevin Lennett, Managing Director of the Crazy Store’s said while the growing consumer demand is due to a shift in the attitude of particularly higher Living Standards Measure (LSM) consumer who are looking for more value for their money and it also comes down to convenience of the retailer, a continuous update of product line and a real interest and focus on the customer experience.

“We pride ourselves on our product, but we also take the quality promise very seriously and our promise to all our customers is that if for some reason there is a product fault, we will replace the item, therefore for us great products and great service go together,” he added.

The store chain is focusing on newness, surprise and continuity and they see further stores opening in South Africa as well as penetrating the market in African countries, growing in their consistency and ability to provide products for the customer, continuing their 21 year growth trajectory.

The Crazy Store has aligned its business model of quality and value accordingly and have therefore become more appealing to a broader consumer base.

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