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AB InBev launches Mahangu farmer development initiative in the North

AB InBev launches Mahangu farmer development initiative in the North

AB InBev Namibia’s Eagle Lager recently launched the ‘Lima Nawa’ initiative to support and train Mahangu farmers from the north on farming methods that enable them to produce more and better crop yields.

The initiative forms the backdrop for the production of Eagle Lager, the first Mahangu beer locally produced in Namibia. So, not only do the farmers get to produce more and better quality Mahangu and sell their surplus Mahangu to AB InBev Namibia, but they also get to be a part of a very unique and innovative brewing process, and the creation of a truly Namibian product- Eagle Lager.

Eagle Lager’s “Lima Nawa” is aligned to AB InBev Namibia’s 2025 Smart Agriculture sustainability goal to support farmers supplying the brewer to be skilled, connected and financially empowered resulting in improved productivity, profitability and more efficient and sustainable use of natural resources, such as soil and water. This goal and the initiatives designed to meet it fall under the AB InBev Namibia’s ‘Better World’ strategy.

Speaking at the launch, Nico Kaiyamo, AB InBev Namibia’s Northern Trust Representative reiterated the importance of this initiative.

“This is a great day for all of us involved in this initiative, and hopefully the start of a very long and productive partnership with the farmers in the Northern region. I encourage the farmers here today to maximise the skills to be learnt not only for their own advancement but for the betterment of their communities as a whole,” Kaiyambo said.

AB InBev Namibia has partnered with Conservation Agriculture Namibia (CAN) to help facilitate the ‘Lima Nawa’ farmer training. CAN is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that was formed for the purpose of increasing agricultural production in Namibia employing an approach that manages agro-ecosystems for improved and sustained productivity while preserving and enhancing the resource base and the environment.

“This is a rare opportunity for you farmers to learn how to produce good quality Mahangu that you can sell back to AB In Bev Namibia. However, to do this during the present climatic conditions you need to be agriculturally smart, and that’s why you have to embrace the training that we are launching here today. I also want to encourage our people to buy Eagle Lager cause it is made from our own Mahangu because by buying this product, you are supporting the farmers,” said Member of Parliament, Jason Ndakunda .

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