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Letter to the Editor – A special message from Tulonga Neputa

Letter to the Editor – A special message from Tulonga Neputa

Dear all

Firstly, I want to show my appreciation to everyone for all the responses regarding the video that went viral on social media. I am extremely humbled by the support, encouragement and well wishes I have received from my fellow Namibians and friends beyond our borders. Perhaps, this is my way of giving back to society as I advocate for Road Safety. I am just humbled and grateful I could save the little boy, literally in “no man’s land.”

There is a hero and a champion in all of us, as we are faced with various challenges in our everyday lives. Namibian people are caring people and full of love. We need to carry one another in difficult times. Let us hold hands and pray for this nation and that road accidents will not claim any more lives.

It is up to us to change our attitude while driving. We need to be cognisant of the fact that we are sharing the road with other road users and need to be considerate at all times.

Namibia´s road infrastructure is among the best in Africa, yet we continue to experience a high number of fatalities.

The following stakeholders have and are still doing their best to prevent road accidents, fatalities and enforce traffic rules:

1. The Ministry of Safety and Security (through the Namibian Police) have implemented Road Blocks, Speed Cameras, Fines, and recently the Traffic Court, in conjunction with the City of Windhoek, was introduced.

2. The Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA) has a toll-free line that people use to report accidents and teams are on standby to attend to road accidents.

3. The National Road Safety Council educates and advocates for road safety.

Although at a national level, a lot has been done to educate, raise awareness and implement measures aimed at reducing the carnage on our roads; we still experience fatal road accidents.

We need to join hands as a nation and recognise the fact that we are the instruments to facilitate the decrease of road accidents on our roads. We are one nation and one family and it rests with us to stop speeding and take responsibility for the lives of our fellow Namibians. Be careful before you speed, the person in the other car might just be one of your own family members. Be safe for the sake of others on our roads.

Although I am happy to continue receiving your messages, I would also ask for my privacy to be respected for the sake of my family and all involved in the matter.

Please direct anything you would like to share with me to my Facebook page.

I thank you all for understanding and for your continued support.

Kind regards

Tulonga Neputa

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