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Fine list

The Traffic Management Unit Department of the Namibian Police released its annual National Fine List for traffic offences.
Traffic fines range from N$ 500 to immediate arrest in cases of severe offences such as driving while under the influence of alcohol. The fines for exceeding the general speed limits in both urban and outside urban areas range from N$400 to N$4000.
According to statistics released by the National Road Safety Council of Namibia (NRSC), an estimated 12 047 road accidents were reported for the period of January to October 2012.
Cases that warrant immediate arrest include driving vehicles whilst under the influence of alcohol and attract fines from N$1000.
Driving while holding a cellular phone will cost any driver a N$ 2000 fine and motocyclists who do not wear protective helmets will be fined N$ 1000, the same fine that applies to any passenger or driver found not wearing a safety belt.
Of the total 12 047 traffic accidents reported, 220 accidents involed pedestrians, 360 involved animals and 33 involved cyclists.

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