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Aspiring pilot gets much needed help from PAY and RMB Namibia

Aspiring pilot gets much needed help from PAY and RMB Namibia

Twenty-year old Melkesedek Hamukoto, known as Melki, has always dreamt of becoming a pilot, but the dream seemed far-fetched when growing up poor in Katutura. “My dad, however, taught me responsibility at an early age and instilled a go-getter attitude and these, combined with a number of intervening factors, changed my life.”

Melki’s aunt introduced him to PAY (Physically Active Youth) when he was in Grade 7 and there his love for cycling was born, while the assistance and supervision of school work was an added bonus. The dream of becoming a pilot seemed improbable at that stage as Melki did not have the required subjects in High School to pursue this dream. “In 2017, RMB Namibia through the FNB Foundation, my cycling sponsor and one of the main sponsors of the Physically Active Youth, once again jumped on board and said they will support me and a few other youngsters with a scholarship to improve our subjects and allow me to add Physics to my line of subjects at Combretum Trust School (C.T.S).”

With the help of the PAY programme, the teachers at C.T.S and other external support, Melki successfully passed his exams. He also managed to secure financial support for his aviation course and is now studying at Desert Air to be a Pilot while assisting with maintenance work for them as well. Melki expressed his sincere appreciation towards everyone who has helped him on his journey, including his father who showed him the right way in life. “I am going for my dreams, no matter what.”

Thys Rall, Managing Director of Desert Air: “We saw the potential in this young man. What impressed us was his focus and dedication toward achieving his goal. His approach was timed perfectly as now, for the first time, we are able to assist a person like Melkesedek. One of our strategic objectives is to give back to the community and the industry which has served us so well over so many years. Today Melkesedek is not only enjoying a sponsorship from Desert Air towards his qualification as a commercial pilot, but he has also been signed on as an employee and is undergoing technical training as well. Dreams can become reality!”

RMB Namibia has been an ardent supporter of various cycling events and cyclists over the past few years, while the Physically Active Youth (PAY) has been a part of the CSI portfolio of FNB Namibia.


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