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MTC construction project creates jobs for local companies

MTC construction project creates jobs for local companies

MTC has appointed over 40 local companies as contracting partners for theirs 081Every1 project, which aims to construct new network towers mainly in the rural areas in the country.

Tim Ekandjo, Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Officer said a total of 17 different companies have been appointed to be responsible for the supply, delivery and installation of Base Transmitter Station (BTS) Infrastructure that will be needed to complete the construction of 524 new towers across the country.

“We have strategically opted for 17 companies as apposed to one to speed up the implementation of the projects so that the construction of towers commences simultaneously in all regions,” he explained,

MTC has also appointed six companies that will be responsible for the Tower Loading Analysis Services (TLAS) and 19 more companies have been given the tasks to supply solar, grid and lithium type batteries to ensure that these vital components are readily available for the projects.

According to Ekandjo, the N$1.2 billion project 081Every1 project will be a catalyst for change to accelerate the development of rural areas in the country, therefore this is a significant project.

“We are proud and satisfied that we have vested Namibian companies to participate in this project in line with our procurement policy that seeks to empower Namibians,” said Ekandjo.

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