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NOVA to close off Acoustic Friday sessions at the FNCC

NOVA to close off Acoustic Friday sessions at the FNCC

The three-time Namibian Annual Music Award winning duo, NOVA (formerly Stardust) will grace the Acoustic Friday stage with a night of soul and to celebrate their original reggae roots on 24 November at the Franco Namibian Cultural Centre.

The show will kick off at 20h00 and the entrance is N$70 in advance and N$100 at the door.

The local soul, neo- soul, R n B, reggae and pop duo recently announced that they are re-branding themselves as NOVA, and are under the management of Distinctive Art Media House.

“We felt that it was time to shed our old skin, that we have outgrown the name Stardust. As people we are ever-changing and we don’t believe in holding onto something that no longer resonates with us just because it is familiar. We had to go through this trans-formative process to grow as artists individually and collectively,” the duo said.

NOVA said that for the Acoustic Friday evening, the attendees can expect an array of various sounds from their new album.

“It is going to be quite different from our debut album because this time we are hands on in the creative process and also we are co-producing quite a number of the tracks, Nova is more creatively expressive than the material we have previously released to the public,” NOVA added.

“We both feel that being in existence is what inspired this project. We are living in critical times and during the year we took off, we tried to experience and learn as much as we could to have content and to be relateable. Being 21 year old women learning about their bodies, minds, souls, those around us and the things that are happening around us- all this has been inspiration enough to produce material we are very excited to share,” the duo added.

Distinctive Art is an artist management and an arts events management house that aims to provide quality entertainment and growth platforms for Namibian Arts.



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