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Honouring the Great Fela Kuti the ‘old school way’

Honouring the Great Fela Kuti the ‘old school way’

Felabration Namibia, a vinyl music event will be hosted through a partnership between FNCC and KoolTrain, a local media and events company on 28 October 2017 at 18:00. Tickets are available at the FNCC and are N$70 in advance and N$100 at the door.

Felebration is an annual music festive conceived in 1998 in memory and celebration of Nigerian musician and human rights activist, Fela Kuti who passed on in 1997.

Local vinyl DJ, Brother Mbango and DJ, TheNew T:Mer will be spinning vinyl records of Fela Kuti and other Afrobeat/Afrofunk artists.

They will be blending music from across the continent and the African Diaspora, with Latin Jazz, Cuban Guajira, Brazilian Bossa Nova, Congolese Rumba and Soukous, Japanese Koto and Shakuhachi Music, Rare South African Funk, Zimbabwean Mbira music, Central African Juju music, Ghanaian Hi-life, Nigerian Afro-beat, Malian Mande, Triniaddian Calypso, American Rare Funk Soul, Northern Soul, Jazzy Hip Hop and Cape Verde Zouk all on vinyl.

Fela had a vision for a united Africa and was dedicated to the liberation and self determination of all Africans and those in the diaspora. His life was marked by bravery, humanitarianism, fierce radicalism and honesty that serve as inspiration for artists and activists all over the world. His unparalleled body of work has influenced and continue to influence a wide range of musicians around the globe.


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