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Youthia to be launched in Windhoek

Youthia to be launched in Windhoek

Youthia, a company that is re-structuring the economic activity of youth entrepreneurs in the region will be launched on 27 of September at the Hilton Hotel in Windhoek.

Headed by Namibian founder and CEO, Mandy Shemuvalula, Youthia is the pioneer of the unorthodox category in youth entrepreneurship aiming to create new markets.

Founded in late 2014, Youthia, is a parent company that is building an entire youth economy, driven by an African global revolution of youth entrepreneurs called Youthians. Currently it is made up of a network of over 2100 Youthians.

The Youthia Economy is an economic concept that seeks to re-structure how at least 1 million Youthians at different levels of the value chain, from farmer, artisan, inventor, miner, producer, recycler, supplier, retailer to service provider, participate in the market. Working adjacent to the mainstream economy, this bold idea on the throes of globalization comes from a dire need to economically position the youth demographic and building powerful continent-wide supply chains that deliver, are profitable and deliver,” Mariana Shaakumeni, Chief Public Relations Officer at Youthia said.

Youthia’s core objectives are to build a distinct and vibrant youth industry while raising thriving, sustainable communities. Through its core values of collaborate, progressive, transfer of ownership and pioneer, Youthia aims to break old rules and create a new context.

As a conscious company, Youthia seeks to economically develop African youth entrepreneurs. It is a company that embodies the heroic spirit of business. Youth is big business and we want to lead the way,” Shemuvalula said.


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