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Nakale to make an impact at the FNCC

Nakale to make an impact at the FNCC

Artist, Trianus Nakale will be showcasing an exhibition called ‘Impact’ on 19 September at the FNCC, free of charge.

He will be presenting his first solo exhibition around making an ‘Impact’ reflecting on social issues. The artworks drawn with ink pen and raw emotions speak about the social problems Namibians and the world face. Through his art, Nakale wishes to impact his audience and inspire the world to impulse change.

FNCC is hosting the artist to celebrate Heritage Week 2017, with loads of activities schedules for the week and it is an opportunity for Namibians to celebrate Heritage.

The theme of Heritage week this year is “We are in it together”, which emphasizes the idea of unity, and encourages all Namibians to commit themselves to protecting the wonderful natural and cultural resources they have.

Many events throughout Windhoek as well as in the regions will be organised by the Heritage Team organizations as well as individuals taking part in this celebration of cultural traditions.

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