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Financial Literacy shifts into higher gear with substantial support from one more platform partner

Financial Literacy shifts into higher gear with substantial support from one more platform partner

Francois Brand (left), the Secretariat Manager of the Financial Literacy Initiative welcomed Nedbank as a platform partner, when he received a symbolic credit card from the bank’s Area Manager for Personal Loans, Christoffer Chipeio.

The Financial Literacy Initiative is run under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance with partner support from a large group of private sector companies. It targets consumers at grassroots level, imparting financial knowledge in a non-technical way to improve financial management in households nationwide.

Jacky Tjivikua, Nedbank’s Manager for sponsorships and the Go Green Fund said that partnering with the Initiative as the national platform for financial literacy falls in line with Nedbank’s objectives as a responsible corporate organisation.

“Education remains a prime ingredient for improved quality of life, personal fulfillment and growth of all Namibia’s people. Against this background, Nedbank Namibia has become a proud platform partner of the Financial Literacy Initiative” she stated.

“Financial literacy forms an integral part of our day to day lives, and learning how to manage your finances properly, plays a direct role in the improvement of your quality of life and future plans. At Nedbank Namibia we embrace our obligation in this regard, and are therefore honoured to be able to support platforms such as the Financial Literacy Initiative” she added.

Using a variety of instructional tools, the Financial Literacy Initiative teaches people how to take control of their financial affairs through basic planning and budgetting. It focuses on behavorial changes to align spending to income, and it advocates the necessity for saving.

After the welcoming ceremony, Chipeio said “Financial planning helps you plan ahead to meet your future needs. It is unique to each individual’s situation and involves evaluating elements that are not financial at all. These may be life events such as marriage, the birth of a child or a career change. It may be lifestyle conditions such as economic and employment outlook, education and health or it may be a financial goal such as early retirement or your children’s education”.



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