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A new mattress and a blanket for every Moreson star

A new mattress and a blanket for every Moreson star

Moreson, the school for learners with special needs, received a substantial contribution from the local Round Table to improve the lives of the learners so that more attention can be paid to the academic side of schooling.

The Round Table Hochland 154 donated 65 mattresses, toiletries to the value of N$3,000, non-perishable foods like oil (15 cases), long life milk (15 cases) as well as 65 blankets and old clothing, to the Moreson Special School recently.

The donation came about when the Round Table Hochland 154 was approached by Anita Kreft, Prinicpal of the Moreson Special School, for any assistance that they could offer and it is then the Roundtable realised that there is a huge demand for certain basic needs for the children.

Basson van Rooyen, Chairman of Hochland 154 said they were delighted to donate these good to the school, knowing that they have made a difference.

“We are also in the process of buying the hostel children new linen for their new mattresses and we complement the staff of Moreson for managing the school so well. It is a joy to see the happy faces as the kids receive the donations,” he added.

Moreson Special School also requested the general public and companies for any assistance as they can only provide education for their learners if they are properly resourced with the basics.

The Moreson School caters for 150 intellectually impaired learners from all over the country. Most of the learners come from very poor families, some are orphans, abused and neglected children. The school is situated in Khomasdal and accommodates learners with physical and mental impairments.

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