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German start-up shows first models of futuristic electric car

German start-up shows first models of futuristic electric car

PRNewswire – A German company unveiled this week a car they deem to be the future of urban commuting. It runs on a battery charged through a combination of conventional mains, and solar panels integrated into the vehicle’s outer design.

Sono Motors, a technology start-up based in München presented their Sion, an innovative and cost-efficient electric vehicle with solar integration, to the media on Thursday. Sono described their Sion as the car for everyone.

With a range of 250 km, a price of Euro 16,000 (battery excluded) and integrated mobility applications, the vehicle is especially appealing to families and city commuters.

The battery will be available for a monthly rent or a one-time purchase. At current prices, the battery will cost less than Euro 4,000.

But there is one catch. Sono must first get 5000 pre-orders before it can start commercial production of the Sion.

In mid-2016, Sono Motors started a campaign on Indiegogo and experienced an overwhelming support. For the development and production of the vehicle, Sono cooperates with well-known contract manufacturers and system suppliers across Europe.

Sono Motors told reporters it requires 5,000 reservations to start serial production scheduled for the second quarter of 2019. To build the first model Sion, 1,500 reservations were acquired.

An outstanding feature of the Sion is the self-charging function called viSono. Integrated solar cells generate electricity that is fed directly into the battery. This way up to an additional 30 km per day will be made available.

Another unique feature is the biSono. This allows the operator to extract electricity from the battery and make it available to other users. Thus, the Sion becomes a mobile power station.

Sono Motors said they are supported by notable investors, who share the vision of the founders.

Following this week’s introduction, the next event is on 18 August 2017 when the first Sions will depart München for a promotional tour through seven countries in Europe visiting twelve cities.

More detail about this week’s release and the intended tour is available at



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