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8th Ceramic Exhibition to take place at the National Art Gallery

8th Ceramic Exhibition to take place at the National Art Gallery

The 8th National Ceramic Biennale exhibition will officially open on 27 July at 18:00 and will run until 25 August at the National Art Gallery. This year’s 8th biennale is also the 30th anniversary celebration for the Potters Association of Namibia’s (PAN).

Sarie Maritz, an honorary Life Member of PAN said Namibian potters share this fascination with clay and have experienced at first hand the wonder and excitement of forming clay into objects like bowls, cups or pieces of sculpture and of discovering how fire effects a transformation.

In this way they participate in the common human heritage of making pottery, one which dates back thousands of years to the beginnings of mankind, when the culture, art and life of per-industrialized societies were still undivided and whole, when man was perhaps more in touch with his soul,” she said.

PAN aims to promote, develop, educate and ensure that the art of pottery remains alive and well in Namibian and this is why they present a juried public exhibition of ceramics by potters from all over Namibia every second year.

Genie Albrecht, an honorary Life Member of PAN added that the slogan “Potters of Namibia Unite”, is the main reason for starting PAN and because they are such earthy people and wanted to know who else in the vast beautiful country felt the same, where they could share they joy of the feel of clay flowing through their hands and fingers.

This is the wonderment of this ancient art material, which is an escape from the conundrum of life, and here in Namibia we potters share our common goals, our problems solving and above all the joys of creativity and we are also passing this on to our future potters so that they to experience the same sentiment,” she explained.

This year yet again Bank Windhoek continued with their support for the biennale exhibitions.

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