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Buy a raffle ticket, help keep a rhino alive

Buy a raffle ticket, help keep a rhino alive

For only two hundred and fifty dollars, Americans can buy a raffle ticket which may win them a US$20,000 safari in Africa. The proceeds of this raffle go for the protection of rhinoceros in Namibia and South Africa.

Thousands of Americans from Blaine, WA to San Diego, CA were astonished in April this year when they happen to encounter a crazy cyclist pulling a life-size rhino replica across the 2000 mile distance between the two cities. This was the ingenuity at work of South African safari guide, Matt Meyer who embarked on his public Rhino Ride, stopping at all the smaller communities along the incredible route.

Matt and his Rhino Ride, which he dubbed “The Long Ride to Free Them” was to raise funds and create global awareness for the current poaching crisis in southern Africa.

In doing so, he hoped to shed light on this urgent dilemma that involves rhinoceros and other key species worldwide. “By bringing this issue to the forefront we strive to make a more positive impact in the way we interact and affect our natural world” he told the inquisitive spectators who welcomed him in every town.

Rhino Ride is a project run and operated under the auspices of Empowers Africa, a public U.S. 501c3 charity.

The Rhino Ride team explained: “Our primary goal is to raise awareness and educate others about Rhino and wildlife conservation. Rhino Ride wants to change peoples’ perceptions about what wildlife means to us as a species.”

“Our secondary goal is to raise funds for the three recipient organizations in Africa, Save the Rhino Trust Namibia, Ol Pejeta and Care for Wild. All three organizations are involved in anti-poaching strategies, animal welfare, scientific research, population monitoring, and other critical tasks focused on the conservation of the Rhino across four countries.”

“We have currently raised over US$140,000 – about 56% of our US$250,000 goal” the team stated.

Since the Rhino Ride is a registered US charity, contributions can be made as a regular US tax-deductible donation, or by buying a raffle ticket.

The donation channels are open until 31 October 2017. Raffle tickets can be bought by visiting



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