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SMEs to help rebuild Angola

(Left to right) Emilio Rodriquez and Hilma Hitula, director of Namibia Housing Initiative (Photograph by Johanna Absalom)The multi-billion dollar initiative, Namibia Angola Housing Initiative (NAAHI), is calling upon business owners and registered small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to submit their applications in other to be part of the lucrative infrastructure building opportunities in the pilot phase of three provinces in Angola.
Hilma Hitula, director of Namibia Angola Housing Initiative, said the scheme is currently looking for businesses in especially the SME sector, who are interested in rendering their services on a contractual basis.
Businesses can contact the Namibian Chamber of Commerce (NCCI) who will facilitate the registration process.
“There is no due date for submissions with the NCCI, as the project is ongoing,” Hitula said.
In order to enhance capacity building and facilitation of the project, NAAHI has also partnered with Antex to carry out the project mandate.
Antex, a Cuban-based company, will provide technical support including training in areas of construction and infrastructure.
It is envisaged that the scheme will enhance Angola’s ability to create much needed jobs while revitalising the country. The scheme will not only cover building rehabilitation, but also improve Angola’s competitiveness and productivity.
Hitula added that the scheme will target logistic capabilities, customs as well as infrastructure development.
NAAHI and its key partners travelled across the country through out this month, to brief SMEs on how they can participate so that they know how to execute the mandate of the project;
“It is beneficial for Antex and partners to see the scope of work and seek areas of further  collaboration,” Hitula added.
According to Hitula, the project is expected to create an undetermined number of jobs and offers unlimited business opportunities for SMEs in Namibia and Angola. The scheme is expected to run for a minimum of 10 years.
NAAHI is a strategic partner of the South Africa Angola Housing Initiative (SAAHI), which was formed to ensure the active participation of Namibian and South African public and private sector entrepreneurs in the reconstruction and development of Angola. The initiative is centred around the provinces of Moxico, Cuando, Cubango and Cunene.

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