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Local company seeks to play major role in the accountancy profession

Local company seeks to play major role in the accountancy profession

Sisters Miriam and Olivia Mhata were both born with the gift of numbers and the two have taken full advantage of their gift and ventured into their own business and opened O&M Accountants and Auditors cc.

The 100% local owned company aims at growing the SME business sector to a global scale through professional accountancy and business coaching as well as mentoring.

According to the duo, they aim to improve the use of Funds in schools by monitoring how efficiently they are used and give preventative solutions to financial crisis experienced and also assist the government in regulation the use of funds.

“The best part of owning a business is being your own boss and having independence, which can be time consuming but the best part is that most of the time is spend on doing something you love whole heartedly that enriches and enhances your own knowledge and skills, make you well equipped in all aspect of life,” they added.

The girls said one of their main challenges at O&M is trying to establish a brand for themselves and to stand out from their competitors, which makes it difficult to keep the business profitable.

“Even with these challenges we plan to get more clients in the next 2 years therefore making it easier for us to become an internship provider for graduates who do not have jobs,” they said.

“One of our long term goals is to go public, this way we can grow our company and get an increase in market share,” they emphasized.

Meanwhile, the two said that young business women need to believe in themselves and should not fear failure, because being a woman does not mean you are less fortunate or less able to succeed and make it in the business world.

“Business has no limits, class or categories, whether you are female, male, young or old we can all possess the same qualities, besides, what a man can do a woman can do 10 times much better, therefore, young or old business women be smart, be wise, learn from others and own your empire with a crown,” they concluded.

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