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Navachab and Woermann help Karibib plant new trees for a greener environment

Navachab and Woermann help Karibib plant new trees for a greener environment

A number of saplings, sponsored by Woermann & Brock supermarket in Karibib, was recently planted along the town’s main street as part of the local mine’s contribution for a greener environment.

The tree-planting drive was supported by various local businesses in Karibib. For a long time, the site of the only local gold mine, Navachab, the town is also home to a major marble processing plant. Furthermore, Karibib is a natural gateway to the Namib Naukluft Park in the south, and the wild expanses of the Kunene region in the north-west.

“Karibib is a town with a rich history and an equally promising future. This is part of the town’s endeavours to make it more attractive and signals our tripartite commitment to planting deep roots in the socio-economic development of the town,” said the outgoing Mayor of Karibib, Councillor Nabot Titus, during the recent tree-planting ceremony. He further stated that the town looks forward to economic growth aided by the entrance of new industries as well as the mine’s expansion plans despite the challenges posed by the lockdown.

George Botshiwe, the Managing Director of Navachab Gold Mine said that the plants chosen for this purpose are a reflection of the people of Karibib. “It is a tough, hardy battler which can stand up to wind, sun and dry soil – pretty much like the people of Karibib – resilient and motivated. And we look forward to a long journey with the Karibib family on a path of new prosperity and growth.”


From the left, George Botshiwe, Managing Director of Navachab Gold Mine, Alphons Eichab, the Manager of Woerman Brock Karibib and the outgoing Mayor of Karibib, His Worship Nabot Titus.


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