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Hard facts on software -Beyond Customer Relations Management

Every now and again a new way of doing things sneaks up on you. Majestic is one of those. I had heard of them a while back but never got around to work with them in detail. What do they do? Well, they take CRM to the next level.
You know when you are in sales or have many customers, you need to manage many relationships and it’s hard to keep track of all that. It’s even harder to be in meaningful contact with everyone you should be in touch with. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day. Yet somehow you still want to maintain personal contact even with prospects that wont buy from you immediately. So you send them a newsletter about your company… but what do you learn about your prospects? Do you even know whether they read your newsletter or whether they care?
There has to be a better way. Enter Majestic!
Majestic combines the use of a unique relationship management tool (web based system) with a series of highly effective techniques that are designed to manage and strengthen your relationships, while optimizing responses and ultimately increasing sales.
It differentiates itself from traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) by focusing on your unique communication requirements and creating a tapestry of highly personalised and effective communication Journeys that are used extensively across your business. This, along with the use of effective sales management tools, ensures that you successfully pre-qualify all leads, generate important sales and contact information automatically, increase sales conversions, repeat sales and measure your sales efforts.
Let’s look at an example. In our company we offer free seminars covering many topics related to e-commerce. (you may register online at Majestic handles the entire communication process with the delegates. Once a delegate registers online, they are added to a specific journey. This journey will send reminders about the seminar before the event. It will send a map a day before the event and also, after the seminar the system will automatically send each delegate an email with a feedback form. So we collect feedback without doing anything, we just run a report in the system to see the results.
In this way we can easily manage the communication with the hundreds of delegates.
An e-mail sent to the delegates would ask them to briefly fill in their specific e-commerce needs, whether eMarketing, a shopping cart, online reputation management, info on payment gateways etc. The delegate fills in a form online, which is directly connected to the Majestic database. If for example a delegate is interested in eMarketing, he/she might be sent an e-mail linking to another form where he/she shares more information about what exactly they are looking for in eMarketing. This is a prequalification process and it is all automatic. In our case, we work with an external company on eMarketing, so our system emails the external company automatically with the information about the new lead.
Those delegates (or other contacts we have) that are not interested to buy now will still receive e-mails now and again, informing them about happenings in the market or something interesting we have come across that might help them.
In short, we are able to manage our relationships with many more individuals much better in a more personalised way, and we are able to concentrate our sales time on those companies that are ready to buy. At the same time we are able to offer all others the opportunity to learn from us and our partners in the e-commerce space.
Like we always say: “Never a dull moment!” Until next time then – Keep it (A)fresh.

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