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Urgent attention: SA High Commissioner

Dear High Commissioner
During the past few years, Namibians have noted a severe onslaught by animal rights activists who claim that our Namibian seal harvest is not only illegal and inhumane but that it is not sustainable. These activist, Francois Hugo from “Seal Alert South Africa” and, Pat John Dickens from “The Seals of Nam” are both South African citizens, both with multiple criminal convictions against their names. They are using their so called causes against Namibia to obtain donations from supporters which we as Namibians have good cause to believe that they are funding not only their respective causes but also their private livelihoods.
 The public forum, Namibia Seal Conservation (NSC) has established that since starting their operations many years ago, none of these persons or organisations registered for non-profit status, yet they on their various facebook pages advertise and receive donations from uninformed and unsuspecting donors from across the globe. We believe that these actions are not only illegal in South Africa but that they also avoid paying tax on these donations received.
What is also of importance is that these persons utilise this money to plan illegal covert operations against our good country. They further utilise this money to organise and arrange international financial boycotts against Namibia. In this process they vilify, dehumanise and demonise our  government and our citizens in the public media.
Both these criminals threaten and attempt to deal directly with our government without them being qualified in any aspect to do so. As good neighbors of your country we believe these persons are not only damaging the good relations which exist between our respective countries, but that they are also meddling into affairs which has got nothing to do with them.
 These two respectively operate the following facebook pages where donations are asked. Bank accounts can be traced on these pages or web sites advertised on these pages. Francois Hugo:  Francois Hugo Stop the Slaughter of the Namibian Seals Pat Dickens: The Seals of Nam Pat Dickens ( this one is currently blocked) Pat Tson , Pat Dickens
The following link describes how money can be donated to Francois Hugo: Pat Dickens is currently using the following bank account: ABSA South Africa; Branch Code: 632 005; Account Holder: PJ Dickens; Account type: Savings; Account Number: 404 506 7978.
NSC humbly requests you to report this information to the South African Revenue Services (SARS), as well as to the HAWKS of the South African Police (SAP), for further investigation. We also request that should there be prima facie evidence that this investigation should lead to prosecution.
Yours Kindly
Oswald Rall Theart on behalf of Namibia Seal Conservation (NSC)

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