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Development Bank invests in education

Development Bank invests in education

The Development Bank of Namibia (DBN) recently donated 151 chairs, valued at N$48,950, to Tutaleni Primary School in Walvis Bay. At a different occasion, the Bank also donated 215 chairs to Schlip Primary School in the Hardap Region. According to the bank’s Public Relations Officer, Di-Anna Grobler the Bank has financed numerous schools at primary and secondary levels. It also provided finance for the International University of Management, IUM. Where possible, the Bank makes social investments in education as well. Speaking at the handover, the Bank’s Grobler said that when the Bank makes donations of this nature, it gives without expectation of repayment, but it expects a return in the improvement of educational outcomes. Meanwhile DBN Senior Communication Manager, Jerome Mutumba, although the Bank has provided over N$1,9 billion in finance to the Erongo Region, it also considers donations to education as a vital investment in Namibia’s development.

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