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First Lady Geingos urges for cohesion

First Lady Geingos urges for cohesion

The Bush Institutes First Ladies Initiative said last week that it will continue engaging and supporting First Ladies to use their unique podiums to improve lives in their countries and across the globe.

Speaking at the Bush Institutes First Ladies Initiative held last year, Monica Geingos, Namibia’s First Lady, personifies this through her First Ladies Advisory Council, which is made up of advocates throughout the country. The Council breaks down silos and shows how organisations can work together for the common good.

Advocacy, best practice sharing, collaboration, and women’s leadership sit at the core of the Initiative’s mission.

Change happens when we break down silos and build partnerships,” Geingos said, adding that she looks forward to the release of The Bush Centre findings on the role of First Ladies, as it may clear up an undefined role.

First Ladies have a platform that can amplify the work of others. They can make a difference by elevating issues through effective interventions,” according to Former First lady, Mrs. Laura Bush, who said will continue, to champion women as advocates for change.

By spearheading a vast number of projects, that include the expansion of literacy and education, empowering women and girls in Afghanistan, promoting democracy and human rights in Burma, and addressing the challenges facing America’s youth, it is Mrs. Bush intention to advocate for First Ladies to perform many roles.

Her advocacy now continues through her work at the Bush Institute, Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon, and at the Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries, among other organisations.

As the country prepares for a new administration and a potential new paradigm with Melania and Ivanka Trump in the East Wing. Mrs. Bush spoke of remedies that can support the work of the globally placed but yet local advocates of change.

A “listener and facilitator,” Mrs. Rula Ghani, First Lady of Afghanistan, spotlights the courage and contributions of women and girls. By amplifying existing efforts, she builds awareness and support for local organizations to advance gender equality in her country.

Partnerships are a crucial way to help vulnerable populations. At the same time, partnerships ensure accountability, promote local engagement, and foster transparency among stakeholders,” Ghani said.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Cherie Blair, spouse to the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, collaborates with corporations, non-profits, and local organizations to empower female entrepreneurs and strengthen financial independence. The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women has reached over 136,000 women in 90 countries worldwide.

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