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Roll-overs dominate festive season statistics

Roll-overs dominate festive season statistics

21 December 2016 – For the period of 22 November to 18 December 2016, statistics recorded during the 2016/17 Festive Season indicate that 289 crashes, 517 injuries and 46 fatalities occurred on our roads. This shows a decline in crashes by 21%, injuries by 38% and fatalities by 22% as compared to the same period in 2015. Most crashes recorded were roll-overs, representing 34% of total crashes followed by collisions with 29% and pedestrian-related crashes by 18%. The cause of roll-over crashes are mostly attributed to how the driver uses the road, consider the surrounding environment given the condition of the vehicle, while other risk factors are driver behavior and speeding.The Fund reminds all road users to stop the loss of lives in line with the theme of this year’s Festive Season Road Safety Campaign. The statistics shows that it is possible to save more lives.

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