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Nampower to restore power in the North

21 December 2016 – Nampower will install a new transformer at its Okatope Substation, on Thursday, following extensive damage caused to the previous one by lightning on 18 December.

Nampower in a statement said, parts of the Ohangwena region currently are without power since 17 December, while parts of the Otjikoto and Oshana regions are without power since 18 December.

According to Nampower on 17 December, a power outage occurred that was caused by a damaged pole structure on the Okongo 66 kV line, but the power utility said the damaged structure on the line has since been replaced.

Meanwhile, Nampower said that the transformer at Okatope Substation was damaged beyond repair and according to them, a new transformer has been transported from Windhoek to Okatope to replace the damaged one.

Nampower said the installation of the transformer will take place on 22 December at Nampower’s Okatope Substation.

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