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Business School engages public partners on road safety

Business School engages public partners on road safety

By Albin Jacobs, Director of the Southern Business School (SBS) Namibia.

15 December 2016 – Another year has flown by with the same things being repeated this time of year, as every previous year. It’s a time of reflection to look back at achievements and events of the past year. But, do we really look closely? Do we really look at was has fundamentally changed in our lives, or what we achieved, or should have achieved?

Well, for those that chose to get involved with Southern Business School Namibia, you definitely made a real change. Choosing Distance education over the normal path of following tertiary education in Namibia, was a conscious decision. This took courage and required a definite change in mindset and approach to studying. At this time of year, I would like to suggest that you take this change in mindset, attitude and approach to studying and if you will, your life and apply it to other parts of your life. Road safety in particular.

We look back over 2016 and every single one of us knows someone that has perished or has been injured in a car accident of some sort this year on Namibian roads.

SBS Namibia is a certified academic institution in Namibia and we interact and deal with people of all ages every day. We therefore see it as our duty as responsible corporate citizens to also be part of Namibian society and help change it for the better. One of the ways to do this is through education.

This is why Southern Business School of Namibia has joined forces with the Namibia German Centre for Logistics (NGCL), the National Road Safety Council (NRSC), Namibia University of Science and Technology, the Motor Vehicle fund (MVA), officers of the City Police, the Walvis Bay Corridor Group, and NUST students.

Members from these organisations recently participated in a Mini Workshop session titled “Road Safety Education and Awareness.” Just like your career starts with improving your education, road safety also starts with education.

Internationally, road safety is guided by the so-called five E’s, Education, Enforcement, Engineering, Environment and Emergency Care.

SBS Namibia and the other stakeholders present and participating in the workshop believe these five points should guide Namibia’s road safety too. SBS Namibia will be using its official Facebook page to promote road safety and educate on road usage. This allows all those involved with SBS Namibia to engage with each other on this platform and share how we can make roads safer for all users.

Southern Business School’s philosophy is to provide quality, affordable, recognised qualifications and assist in developing Namibians and Namibia. This cannot happen if we continue to die on our roads. So, this holiday season take a second and think about how you use the roads and educate yourself and those around you about how to use them properly and safely. It all starts with education, whether you choose to educate yourself in the traditional format or are bold enough to choose a distance education format, you at least chose to educate yourself. That is the most important this. Doing the same for road safety, it is clear education is just as important.

Happy holidays to you all and your families.

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