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New fascinating history stories as X-mas special

Cover Go History II Farmers armed with rockets and rainmaker aircraft, a suicidal groom in the desert, German South West Africa holds its breath at the investigation into an armed robbery at the Kupferberg road… these and other episodes from Namibian 19th and 20th century history will provide guaranteed reading pleasure and information in this second edition of Gondwana History.
Time and again we cross Namibia’s borders: the story of the ever popular Biltong brings us to South Africa, the AK-47 rifle used in the Namibian independence struggle points us to the former Soviet Union and a memorial stone in Aus takes us back to the era of the last German emperor, Kaiser Wilhelm II. The 25 news flashes from the past in this anthology makes ideal travel reading for guests from abroad. Namibian readers will gain insight into little known, sometimes curious aspects of our rich history and culture.
‘Gondwana History II’ is available at the Gondwana offices in Klein Windhoek, at the lodges and in the bookshops. Those in possession of a Gondwana Card can buy the book from Gondwana for a discounted price. It can also be bought as part of a Christmas special which includes another three books: ‘Gondwana History I’, ‘Expelled from a Beloved Country’ and ‘Wild Horses in the Namib Desert’. This special package for N$ 300 can be obtained at the Gondwana office in Windhoek.
Mannfred Goldbeck et al: Gondwana History II – Memorable Moments from Namibia’s Past; ISBN 978-99945-72-54-0 (also available in Afrikaans and German)

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