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WAD Hardap Training Centre received computers

WAD Hardap Training Centre received computers

Unemployment figures increase every year with the addition of large numbers of school leavers and school dropouts who are unable to find jobs in the labour market. Adding to what makes the situation look grim is Namibia’s slow economic growth which makes it difficult to absorb all the job seekers in the near future.
These were the words of Executive Director of Women’s Action for Development (WAD) foundation Salatiel Shinedima at the handing over of 16 computers to the WAD Hardap training centre which will be used for training young unemployed job seekers in Computer Literacy and Office Administration at the training centre under the supervision of the WAD head office.
Shinedima said “the sponsorship is important as school curricula does not prepare learners adequately to be taken up into job positions without further preparation and the available capacity of all our tertiary institutions is so limited that thousands of applicants are turned away every year to join the hordes of job-seekers.”
The Executive Director thanked the Debmarine – Namdeb foundation adding that the private sector and NGO’s such as WAD and the aforementioned sponsors are compelled to assume collective responsibility to meaningfully contribute towards preparing young Namibians for the labour market, as investing in education and training means investing in the growth of the economy.
At the same time WAD expressed it’s shock and disappointment regarding the ongoing horrific killing and raping of women in the country inquiring “What has gone wrong in our society today? Where did we go wrong and what on earth have we become as a nation?”
Shinedima further said “Although Namibia would certainly not be unique to such evils on the African continent, it remains shameful that, with our small population, Namibia counts among those countries in which horrific violence against women and children are such conspicuous social evils. Hardly a day goes by without reports of the killings of women, or the discovery of a new born infant dumped by the mother!” In his final remarks the Executive Director said that it is imperative that all Namibians work together, towards the effective elimination of these evil as it cripples the economy, enhances poverty and unemployment and strips women of their dignity. “WAD therefore, seriously calls upon all men across the country to stop abusing women physically and emotionally. Men who are guilty of these cruel and despicable deeds are called upon today, to stop the never-ending raping, the killing, and the humiliation of women which we are witnessing every single day of our lives.”

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