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Paratus Telecom, Finkenstein Estate to create first digital village

Paratus Telecom, Finkenstein Estate to create first digital village

Paratus Telecom will be providing an all-inclusive turn-key service solution to the residents of both Finkenstein Manor and Finkenstein Village, providing each and every home owner with a gateway to the digital age.
With these two new developments already launched to the public, the developers took a futuristic approach and entered into a partnership with Paratus Telecom to create the first ever Namibian digital village.
In partnering with Paratus Telecom in creating this digital village, Finkenstein residents of both the Manor and Village developments will be able to enjoy endless Value Added Services & connectivity solutions over a state-of-the-art fibre optic network.
This will be a first in Namibia for true FTTH (Fibre To The Home) experience. There are many derivatives of the fibre acronym and now mostly referred to as FFTx (with x representing anything from complex to home to business to kerb), which Paratus Telecom is able to offer.
Residents will be able to enjoy access to Triple-play connectivity, which includes voice, video and data solutions. Not only is fibre the catalyst to Triple-play service options for the residents but due to its inherent speed,capacity and reliability, fibre will allow Finkenstein to implement a fully comprehensive access control and security solution, which will include CCTV on the estate – one of the primary objectives envisaged by the developers.
Finkenstein Estate is a residential development 12 km east of Windhoek on the main road to the Hosea Kutako International Airport. The residents enjoy privacy and open spaces creating a blend of the development into the environment.
Both Finkenstein Manor and Finkenstein Village developments have been laid out for development adjacent to the current estate.

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