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Bass Anglers reel in big

Bass Anglers reel in big

The Namibia Bass Angling Association (NBAA) hosted the Bank Windhoek National NBAA Competition at Lake Oanob a fortnight ago. The competion had a good turnout according to the organisers, as 20 boats and 25 anglers participated .
Fishing conditions were tough but anglers braved the conditions and still managed to catch a fair amount of fish. The results of the tournament are as follows: In first position was James van Rooyen – 4 fish which came up to 4.102 kg, followed by Babaloki de Wit with 2 fish at 3.470 kg and in third position was Fernando Abrantes with1 fish which weighed a collossal 3.256 kg.
Abrantes’ fish was also the biggest fish caught for the day and is a new personal best for him. Fernando and his son, Ricardo, only joined the NBAA late last year and have been faced with tough fishing due to the very low dam levels which we are currently facing in Namibia. However, Fernando persevered and managed to catch a personal best during an official competition.
A total of 16 fish made it to the scale with total weight for the tournament of 25.107kg.

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