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School recycling competition hits mid-year mark

School recycling competition hits mid-year mark

Recycle Namibia Forum (RNF) Coordinator, Anita Witt is overwhelmed with the interest and excitement shown by schools in the Schools Recycling Competition, which has now reached its mid-year mark.
Witt said, “From the current statistics it is clear that we have some strong contenders vying for the top positions. To date, the 44 participating schools have collected close to 55 tons of recyclables since the start of the current competition in March 2016”.
Due to the increase in recyclable volumes by the participating schools and the interest from more schools to participate, the RNF has identified the need to construct new stands and re-branding existing stands for a fresher look. The process is currently under-way with the assistance and sponsorship of RNF members.
According to Witt, during the past months, Global United/Hoffenheim have made available four new GEE OM stands, with Coca Cola Namibia adding an additional four stands. FNB Namibia has also equipped the town of Aranos to recycle – with a donation of two stands to the Trots Aranos project. This makes Aranos the first town to recycle with no recycler present – and the entire project is run by the community in and around the town. Their first delivery to Windhoek saw more than 2 tons of recyclables collected over a two-month period.
At present, RNF is in the process of re-branding VIGO stands, which will see more than 10 schools either receiving new stands, or being incorporated into the competition
The current FNB and Global United stands, which were sponsored by the two parties at the start of the competition in 2010, are also scheduled for a facelift during the coming months. At the coast, Mpact Namibia has supported the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) by creating new recycling stands made from old pallets.
Furthermore, the competition has been injected with a new vibrancy with the issuing of much needed and attractive stands at more than half of the current 44 participating school.
“We are confident that this will encourage our youth to continuously be cognizant of the importance to reduce, reuse and recycle,” Witt said.
Witt emphasized that since the inception of the Schools Recycling Competition more than 750 tons of sorted recyclables have been diverted from local landfill.
The Schools Recycling Competition started with only 10 schools in 2009, and volumes have also, according to Witt consistently grown over the past few years, with an average of 14 kg of recyclables per learner collected in 2009 to a record breaking 179 kg per learner by last year’s winning school – Dagbreek School for the Intellectually Impaired.

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