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Police officers train for airport safety

The Namibia Airports Company recently sponsored a train-the-trainer course for several officers in the Aviation Security Division of the Namibian Police Force to improve the efficiency of X-ray screening at all Namibian airports. The officers attended the specialised training in the United States during the first half of August.
Head of the Namibian Police’s Aviation Security Division, Inspector Haiduwa expressed his gratitude to the Airports Company for its support and proudly advised that all the police officers passed the course with flying colours. He added: “The objective of the training was to train Namibian police officers as trainers to become instructors on all astrophysics equipment, i.e. X-ray security technology, at all eight airports owned and managed by the Airports Company.
The Chief Executive of the Airports Company, Tamer El-Kallawi stated that the safety and security of airports is their number one strategic area of focus. “This is enshrined in our mission which states that we develop, manage and operate safe and secure airports on sound business principles with due consideration to the interest of our stakeholders. Our number one core value is safety and security.” El-Kallawi congratulated the officers, NL Andrea, ML Nautende, G Limon, MK Tom and IK Walenga for passing the course.

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