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Chill out at the Windhoek Show

Harald Schmidt, Vice President of the Windhoek Show Society. (Photograph by Lorato Khobetsi)

Harald Schmidt, Vice President of the Windhoek Show Society. (Photograph by Lorato Khobetsi)

Due to the intermingling culture of visitors to the annual Windhoek Show, the Windhoek Show Society has made provision for an entertainment area which also include a food alley which is easily accessible to both adults and children.
“We have realised that once people are on the grounds they actually like this intermingling, that is why we created a food alley where people can really intermingle. There is this balance now, you can come and relax.” said Harald Schmidt, Vice President of the Windhoek Show Society.
According to Schmidt, the area has enough sitting and allows visitors to easily move through halls. “We realised as people bump into each other, it was very difficult for them to move from place to place (hall to hall) because it was always a bit further apart,” he said.
“We have basically turned two of our primary stands between the TN Mobile Hall (Former International Hall) and The Namibian hall into an interactive entertainment area. We got a tent from one hall to the other. Under the tent, we will have interactive entertainment driven by Inter-Act, they will have a renowned Red Bull international athlete whom visitors can come and see,” he added.
He said, although the Merry-Go-Round is also a massive hit amongst visitors because it comes once a year, the visitors  like the intermingling and would rather chill out.
“Therefore we have thought of bringing the entertainment closer to the people,” said Schmidt.
This year, the Show will also have raffle which is driven in conjunction with Informante, Schmidt said the raffle is linked to prices and the prices are again linked to a special deal at the show.
Some of the “firsts” at the show, will include new bush cutting equipment on the market, imported furniture lines, some new products that will be launched by TN Mobile as well as a new ride.
Fireworks will also be launched for the first time since 2007 on Thursday (03 October) to mark the official opening of the Show which will be officiated by Quinton van Rooyen, Group Chief Executive Officer of Trustco.
The show will open its gates to the public this Friday (27 September) at 10h00 and at 09h00 during the weekend. Tickets are sold at the gates for N$40 for adults, N$20 for students and kids below 12 enter for free.

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